Common Questions

Failed to register my user, what can it be?

It is necessary that you fill in your Summoner\s Name correctly. If you did so, and still have problems registering, please contact us by clicking here..

My League of Legends Summoner's name is already in use, what do I do?

Contact us by clicking here and choose the subject "Registration Problems".

Can I have more than one account?

No, you can only register your main League of Legends account. Users with multiple accounts will have their accounts suspended by Tarenas.

Can I use smurf accounts?

No. Our focus is to create a environment where players of all levels can have fun and win prizes, so we do not allow Smurf's accounts registration. Tarenas team will be monitoring data and implementing methods to prevent the use of Smurf accounts. In case Tarenas find players using this type of account, those users will have their Tarenas account suspended.

How do I create my Team?

In order to create your team, click here.

How do I register for a paid Tournament?

In order to be able to register for a paid tournament, you must have at least the amount of the tournament’s buy-in at your balance account. If you have enough balance in your account, just enter the Tournament Lobby that you want to play and click “Register”. If you want to add balance to your account, click ‘link’.

Which payment platform does Tarenas use to deposit and withdraw balance to the site?

For your security, we only use Paypal.

Is there a minimum balance amount that I can deposit on the site?

Yes. Due to the Fees charged by Paypal, the minimum balance amount to be deposited in your Tarenas account is R$ 10,00 (dez reais).

How do I withdraw my Tarenas balance, and how long does it take to complete this transaction?

You can withdraw your Tarenas balance anytime at the Financial Panel. The time for your withdraw request to be deposited in your Paypal account can take up to 5 business days.

Can I close the Tarenas site while I am playing?

Yes! Our website is automatized with the data results of League of Legends matches, so you do not need to be logged in while you are playing.

How long does it take to get results after the end of a tournament phase?

It can take up to 10 minutes.

What happens if my team is not present in the tournament's lobby match before tournament phase starts?

After the tolerance period, your team is disqualified by W.O.

I have questions not clarified in the FAQ, how can I get answers?

Please contact us by clicking here.

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