How it works

Tarenas is a Tournament platform, and you can participate in our tournaments by owning a ranked account in League Of Legends. If you already have a ranked account, we advise you to take the following steps:

1. Create an account at Tarenas, either with your email, your Facebook, or Twitter account. But remember, you must be at least 18 years old to be able to create an account at Tarenas, for legal reasons.

2. If you created the account with the email, Tarenas has emailed you asking for your confirmation. If you created the account with your Twitter or Facebook account, proceed to step 3.

3. You will be redirected to the complete registration screen. On this screen, we will need a few more data such as cell phone number, but rest assured, we will not disclose your information. After you click on "Confirm", you will receive a code via SMS to confirm your cell phone. Remember to enter the right flag of your region before you enter your cell phone number.

4. After you complete the registration of your Tarenas account, you will receive a notification in the platform in order to link your League Of Legends account with your Tarenas account. In the notifications menu, click on the notification, open the notification to link the account. It will be this LINK.

5. On the next screen, we need you to type your Summoner Name and choose a preferred role, but before sending the form, open the game, as we will need you to change your summoner icon in order to verify that this is your trusted Summoner. When submitting the form, you will receive an icon on the next screen, go to the League of Legends client and change the profile icon to the one you received. We will need you to do this twice, ok? Just to make sure that someone with bad intentions doesn't use your Summoner on Tarenas ;)

6. After linking your League Of Legends account, no further verification is required. Thus, you can now create teams and participate in our tournaments.

7. To participate in tournaments, you can choose a paid tournament or a free tournament, for that click on the menu item you prefer. On the tournament screen, click on the "Enter" button. You will be redirected to the registration screen, proceed to step 8.

8. On the tournament registration screen, you have two options: Sign up solo or with a team. To sign up with a team, you need to have created a team at this link here. If you signed up for the solo entry type, you just need to wait for Tarenas to find a team for you. If Tarenas finds a team, you will be notified with a tournament registration confirmation, so go to step 9. Now, if you have registered a team, the chosen players have received a notification to accept the tournament registration invitation, all players must accept the invitation for Tarenas to register the team in the tournament, if everyone accepted, go to step 9.

9. After confirming your tournament registration, wait until the tournament start, stay tuned. When the tournament starts, you will receive a notification containing a code for your next match, go to step 10. Example: Código para a próxima partida

10. After receiving the tournament code, copy the code and go to the League Of Legends game, in the "Play" area, you will have a tournament icon on the right side, click on the icon and an area with a field will appear, paste the code in that field and click enter. There, you're in the departure lobby. The image below demonstrates the process: Area to put the cod

11. For each game you win, you will receive a code for the next game. To help you, enable your browser notifications, so Tarenas will send notifications through your browser whenever you receive any new notifications.

12. Do you have any more questions? Contact us through the help and support form by clicking here or if you prefer direct contact, use our discord: https://discord.gg/CQh75M5


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