2. Welcome to Tarenas (hereinafter also referred to as “us”). Tarenas creates and manages online gaming tournaments, and helps its users create and find tournaments to compete. These Terms of Service are between the user (hereinafter also referred to as "you") and Tarenas, (qualification) and contain the rules of access and use of the services offered by us, both on our web site, and on any media or service used by Tarenas.

3. ACCEPTANCE: a) By using the services offered by Tarenas, you express your agreement with these terms and conditions (Terms of Service). If you do not agree to any of these terms, you should not use the services. b) These Terms are subject to changes, which will be previously communicated to users through the registered e-mail, notifications on the Tarenas website, or other means previously adopted by us for communication. c) In order for you to be able to accept the Terms of Service, you claim to be 18 years or older, and fully able to consent to and comply with the terms, conditions, obligations, representations, and warranties described in these Terms. In any circumstance, you claim to be 18 years or older, as the Tarenas website and services are not designed for young people under the age of 18. If you are under 18, you should not use the Tarenas website and it's services.

4. REGISTER AT TARENAS: a) You may only register a single account in Tarenas, and that account must be linked to your main account in the League of Legends (owned by Riot Games). Later, the Tarenas can offer tournaments of other games, also applying the same rule. b) Only those over 18 years old can create accounts in Tarenas. c) For an account that exceeds one year of inactivity on the site, Tarenas may recover the amount of money in the account, after notice by e-mail.

5. PRIVACY POLICY: a) By registering in Tarenas, the following information is stored in our database: a.a) Personnel: name, address, (Social Security) CPF, e-mail address, postal code, and other user identification information. a.b) Financial: Whenever you make purchases through our website, we may collect your credit card number and expiration date, bank transfer address, account information from online payment sites such as PayPal, among others. If you offer or receive any prize or awards, we will collect your bank account data to perform the financial operations. a.c) Registration in tournaments: registration in events organized by tournament creators may request personal information from users. Any information provided in the tournament registration will be available to Tarenas. a.d) Contact with Tarenas: If you contact us to, for example, make a request, respond to one of our questionnaires, or use certain services, we may collect any information you provide, including personal information. b) In addition to personal information, also called register information (capable of identifying, from the first moment, a specific user), Tarenas also stores in its database non-personal information, also called connection or access data (not being able to identify the user, at first). This connection or access data includes, without restriction, Internet Protocol (IP) address, type of browser used when accessing the Tarenas website, other characteristics of the devices and software used, user's internet domain domain names, geographic location approximate time of use of the site or services. c) Use of data by Tarenas: We use your information to enable you to use all services provided by Tarenas, as well as to monitor usage, response to requests, or process payments for your purchases. Your information can also be used in other ways: to form a database to help Tarenas to improve the services provided, according to the profile of its users, to inform about services and events compatible with the profile of users, to develop promotional materials, to allow that tournament organizers get in touch with the users who have registered in one of their tournaments. d) Sharing of data: We may share your information with affiliated and non-affiliated third parties, subject to legal restrictions. d.a) Third parties affiliated with Tarenas shall observe these Terms of Service and use the registration and connection data of users as established in these Terms. d.b) Non-affiliated third parties, such as tournament organizers, are not obliged to observe these Terms, which is why it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the information provided to unaffiliated third parties. d.c) You may also connect your Tarenas account with other accounts on other social media, streaming services, and other third party services. In that case, Tarenas may collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store information related to such other accounts for the purposes described in these Terms. d.d) In addition, Tarenas may disclose the registration data and the connection and access data if so determined judicially, or if necessary to protect and defend our rights in court. e) Use of Cookies and similar technologies: We may collect your information, including registration data, through the use of Cookies or similar technologies. Cookies are text information placed on the user's computer or device through the internet browser, which can be accessed by the Tarenas website for user recognition. Through your browser settings, you can choose to receive notifications whenever new Cookies are used, disable the use of Cookies, or remove previously used Cookies. For more information about cookies, see the help menu of your internet browser.

6. TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION: a) The minimum number of participants in a tournament is 20 people. b) If the number of participants does not reach the minimum amount (20 people) by the end date of the registration, Tarenas will refund the money of the registered participants to the account of each one, and the tournament will be canceled. c) The cancellation of registrations can be made until the final date of the registrations, and the amount paid at the registration will be returned to the user.

7. TEAM DISQUALIFICATION: a) Players will have a predefined time in the tournament to enter at the lobby and performs its events in order to complete a match in each game. In case the team can not fill five, or the tournament predefined team set size, participants enrolled in that time delay, the team will be disqualified (WO). b) If there is suspicion that an account is being used by someone other than its owner, the team will be disqualified from the tournament. c) If a team member is identified using misconduct and trickery in the match lobby to undermine the progress of the match, the team is disqualified.

8. TOURNAMENTS PRIZES AND AWARDS: a) Prizes and awards distribution rates, varies according to each tournament, and will be announced before the start of the tournament. b) Prizes and awards will be distributed among the participants, by the end of the tournament, and in accordance to the participants classification at the tournament. c) The prize or award will be equally split among the participant team, for example, if the prize for the position first is 100 reais, this team will split this value among this team participants. Ex: If this team has 5 participants, each participant user will receive 20 reais, if a team has 10 participants, each participant user will receive 10 reais. d) In the event of a remaining amount after the prize equal distribution among the team participants, this remaining amount will be paid to the team captain.

9. ACCOUNT SUSPENSION AND/OR TERMINATION: a) In case proven of an account to be used improperly (for someone who is not the account owner) is found, Tarenas reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate that account, and the infringer may lose the balance of the account. b) If a user uses undue images, as but not limited to pornography, symbol of racism, Nazism or terrorism images, this user will lose the ability to upload images, and will only be able to choose the images predefined by Tarenas. c) Tarenas reserves the right to add more divinations as the declarations as necessary. d) The user is strictly forbidden to give access of his account, or data of his account to another person. e) It is forbidden to sell your Tarenas account. f) Tarenas reserves the right to suspend, terminate, edit or delete your account for any moment, for any reason, regardless of any notification. Account termination may lead to lose account balance.

10. PAYMENTS FEE: a) Tarenas fee: from 0% to 15% of the total amount of the registration, depending on the tournament. Tarenas fee will be notify to participants in advance. b) There is no fee for free entrance tournaments.

11. COPYRIGHT: a) The information and services provided by Tarenas, including any content, date, text, design, graphics, images, photographs, illustrations, audio and video, logos, icons and links (collectively referred to as the "Materials") are exclusive property of Tarenas or the companies of the electronic games whose tournaments Tarenas organizes. b) The unauthorized use of the Tarenas brand, or any information, services and materials made available by Tarenas implies appropriate legal sanctions.

12. JURISDICTION AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION: a) These Terms of Service were prepared in compliance with the Brazilian legal system, and the user that uses the services of Tarenas undertakes to comply with Brazilian law. b) Elects the jurisdiction of the region of Porto Alegre, RS, for the resolution of any judicial question involving Tarenas.


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